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leak test passed.  time to go buy some fittings, break down old 29g biocube and get this moved up into my office!

anyone got an old apex temp and ph probe they dont need/arent using anymore? might as well hook up my backup apex base and use it :)

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welp, its in place.  filled up the DT, waiting on the glue to dry before i cycle through the sump.  have the gyre running on low, waiting for it to clear.   still messy. meh.


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So this tank was dry when you got it. The rock-it came dry or came from your cube? I see you said some of the Water was from your cube. I’m asking all of this bc when I set up my 140 I want it to go in the same spot as my current tank. I’d like to break down the 55 and set up the 140 all in one weekend. I wasn’t sure I could set up the new tank and not kill everything. The rock will be live and the sand. But all will be new except what I bring from my old tank

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20g old tank water in a drum, net out fish to the drum, 3 rocks from old tank in a bucket w/ leftover water.  sand in a 3rd bucket w/ enough water to keep it wet.
break down old tank.
setup new tank.
put in sand
put in about half the water (i knew there was a fish hiding in a rock)
put in fish
put in rocks
put rest of the water in
top off to the bottom of the overflow
put in powerhead
plumb the sump in
wait an hour or two
put the rest of the water in, start up pumps
check for leaks like hourly
finetune the next day

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so, i ended up w/ MORE fish, and moved a gree BTA that split in my main DT eons ago and was in the back of my frag tank.  I wasnt planning on moving the nem over yet, but when you see a clown w/ a split bar... you cant pass it up :)

0 NH3/4
0 NO2
1-2 NO3

1.026 @78

2x blue damsels
1x bluefin damsels (yellow top, blue fins)
1x white damsel w/ orange-ish top (cant remember real name)
1x ocellaris clown w/ split bar
1x green chromis (who acts like he's in trouble at a corner all the time)
1x cleaner shrimp
1x green BTA

20180628_143706 (Medium).jpg

20180628_143721 (Medium).jpg

20180628_143722 (Medium).jpg

20180628_143728 (Medium).jpg

20180628_143801 (Medium).jpg

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