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Sold: 140 DSA tank w/ stand, pump, sump


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I am selling my Deep Sea Aquatics 140 gallon display tank and custom stand.  It has dual overflows and blue painted background.  I purchased the tank new, it has about three years total use. The tank has been very well cared for, like new.  It does not have any visible scratches nor leaks.  The stand is custom.  It has some cosmetic damage to the paint and wood trim at the bottom.  Could be sanded or replaced with minimal carpentry skills.  Also for sale a sump and pump that I inherited through the purchase of a larger replacement tank. The pump is a WaterBlaster HY 5000 by Reef Octopus.  The pump was used by a previous owner, not sure how long,  assume it is used but in good shape.  Also, for sale is a sump used by the previous owner.  I believe it was custom made from a LFS.  I'm including some plumbing parts, aluminum screen tops, and miscellaneous.

Tank size:  W: 20" X D: 27" X L: 60"

Stand Height:  36"


Please PM and post here with questions. 

Thanks for looking!









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