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Tank break down (everything must go) - SOLD


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I am breaking down my tank since I am being relocated. All livestock must go. I have alot of corals, live rock, and a blue hippo tang $50, bicolor angel $20, flame hawk $30, bicolor blenny $20, large blue linkia star fish $20, Many zoas, large frogspawn colony $60, neon trumpet $60, mummy eye chalice large $125, duncans, many heads $60. Purple and green yuma $40, purple tip torch 2 head $40, orange Ricordia and many others... limust see. Come by or call, i need everything gone. We are moving. Not holding anything. Bring cash...

address is:

2306 Spring Breeze Dr. 

Round Rock, TX 78664

512-743-3500 Edgar



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