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On a Mission with HMNS


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Hey ARC!!

After a short hiatus away from the community, Aspen is back and I've returned with a mission! I'm working with the Houston Museum of Natural Science to revamp their Malacology Hall aquariums. Our budget is non-existent, so we're reaching out to local reefing communities to donate old equipment, materials and offer to help rehome livestock and make some space in crowded frag racks ;) 

There are two tanks we're refurbishing (60 + 160*) so anything and everything helps! Here is a list of things we are actively looking for (the list will change over time):


  • 30-120 lbs of dried, or live rock (dead is fine too)
  • 30 gal. Brute Trash Cans
  • 60-100 lbs live sand
  • frag racks and plugs
  • 20-40 gal QT tanks
  • dosers for cal, mag, pods and meds
  • ATO(s)*
  • Floating breeder boxes (preferably in several sizes) 
  • Filtering Media*
  • Return Pumps*
  • Lighting*
  • Heaters*
  • Powerheads (ALL and Every Kind)
  • Power Cords  

* I can give specifics to what range and sizes we're looking for after the meeting at the end of August

The tanks have been in limbo for a while and the museum is excited to get the community involved in restoring the Malacology Hall Reefs! We're just getting started so keep your eye out for updates! If you have any questions or find any leads please email me at [email protected] with the header HMNS. 

Thanks in advance guys!


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