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Reef Garage Sale Sunday 7-23


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Working on it, got about half in the garage...

New items:

(2) large dehumidifiers

(2) 2.5 gallon dosing containers

(2) large cyberpower battery backup UPSs

100 Gallon tub

Lots of novus for acrylic cleaning

Small to large magnets. Nano to 1.5" thickness mighty magnet with scratch kit and pads and a flipper max.

Test kits: Hanna Phosphate, Calcium and Alk kits. Bunch of other brand kits too.

Medicines and water treatment chemicals.

New box of Instant Ocean Reef Crystals, 200 gallon.

Some DI Resin

GFO not sure how many lbs yet...

Free eggcrate and PVC elbows to anyone who stops by. There's a ton.

Free cold beer... Lol


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More stuff...

Activated Carbon, lots.

Soda Ash


Automatic topoffs

(2) Large Return Pumps


Small dehumidifier

(2) Small Media Reactors

(2) Full sized marinepure ceramic blocks

(2) Half sized marinepure ceramic blocks

Lots of marinepure spheres

Few air pumps

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