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Saying goodbye to me DT of 14 years, Starting up a frag tank


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We sold our house and close on it this Friday.  My DT is built in so I had to give the option for the buyers to keep it if they wanted it.  i didn't think anyone without experience in the hobby would want it and would ask me to remove it, but they're excited about it so it's goodbye to my DT:(  On the flip side, I've got frags of everything on there that I could get frags of and have set up a frag tank to keep in out apartment until our new house is built and I build my new system! 

It's only a 12 gallon tank so water changes will be a breeze.  I currently don't plan to dose Calcium/Alk and just plan to do weekly 1 gallon water changes.

My question to those of you with frag tanks is, do you regularly dose additives like Fuel, Marine Snow, Coral Frenzy, etc. or no?  Also, do you keep anything else in there other than a couple of hermits or a emerald crab?  It'll be mostly SPS with only a couple of zoas and LPS.  


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