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ARC controller Integration

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Under your profile, there is a new section for integration.  Click on your name on the upper right, then profile:


Click on Edit:


update the bottom section:


After this is filled out, click: That page will have your signature config options. You can visit that anytime to update.

If you dont see a link above (javascript), go to: http://sig.austinreefclub.com/sig.php?init=XYZ where XYZ is your ARC ID.

2017-06-26_10-06-50.png  So I would hit init=1733.

**we are still working to integrate this fully into the forum software, the above is just temp for now.**

In order for the above to work, you must have "Open XML Access" enabled on your controller:

2017-06-26_11-13-37.png 2017-06-26_11-14-22.png




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I don't use status signatures, they are kinda lame.. how is this useful to me?

This is a great question.  I use mine to show the status on my smartphone.  On Android, there is an app called "Showr" which allows you to create refreshing images as widgets.  I can look at my phone anytime to see my status!



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How do I get my "Controller URL?"

Most home networks sit behind a router.  Your service provider installed this router or you did.  We'll need to set up 3-4 things for this to function consistently:

** Find a static IP to give your APEX  ***this step is optional, most routers will test if the IP is in use before it assigned it, however this is best practice to avoid any issues***

  1. Log into your router (google your model number to learn how).
  2. find the LAN settings
  3. find the DHCP options or clients settings.  This will show a "range" of IPs the router will pick.  Normally your router has pretty much all the IPs 1 to 254.  Change this to 10-249.
  4. Save settings

**Assign your apex a static IP on your network

  1. Log into your Apex, go to the network config.
  2. give it the Ip address of x.x.x.250 (or anything outside that DHCP range)
  3. save

**setup a port forward

  1. Go back to your router, find the Port forwarding settings (sometimes found under firewall)
  2. setup a forward from port 8888 (or anything you choose really) to foward to your new apex IP x.x.x.250 and port 80
  3. save

**Setup dynamicDNS

  1. A DynamicDNS service is normally free, dont pay for it. A decent one is: https://www.noip.com/ (google for others)
  2. signup/login. click on "create host," pick any name you want, and pick any domain you want. (in this example, ill pick host-> isaacapex and domain-> hopto.org)
  3. an ip address will be prefilled for you, based on your web browser.  this will work initially, but if your ISP ip ever changes, this breaks.  there is an automated solution!
  4. install the client: https://www.noip.com/download?page=win  enter your information, and this client will routinly update the ip address!
  5. make sure this client is on a home computer, and not one you take to work with you.

**enter your port forwarded and dynamicdns info into your profile's "Controller URL"!


hit save on your profile, done!



here are some videos that might explain this in more detail:


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