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Bunch Of Coral (All together) - SOLD


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Breaking down my 470 to take a break for a bit.

Realized a tank this size needed a little better thought and probably a dedicated room.

ANYWAY... I'm going to start selling off a bunch of stuff over the next few weeks.

Seth and Jim have already taken my fish and next up is the coral.

Most of the coral was encrusted, but I took off a bunch of frags, pieces, etc...

Mostly SPS and LPS. Some named stuff like strawberry short cakes and poison ivy. Lots of Montis, large frogspawn and some hammers / torches.

Some pieces are stresses since they've been sitting in my frag tank since we took the fish and rock out Thursday and we just got back from vacation.

Selling all together, basically in a bucket when you come to pick it up. Don't ask to break it up.

Asking $200.


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