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Oceanic 30 Gallon Complete System


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It is up and running.  I have been neglecting it with other activities between two kids sporting activities and work.  I really want someone that is able to show it the love it needs.  The original build thread is below.

Oceanic 30 Gallon Aquarium, DIY Stand, Tunze Nano ATO, Tunze Internal Filter with Ebo Jager Heater, Tunze Internal Skimmer, OceanRevive LED light fixture, KILL A WATT PS-10 ELECTRICITY USAGE MONITORING POWER STRIP, misc Red Sea test kits (barely used), Refractormeter, RO/DI system, RO/DI 35 gallon tank, 20 gallon Brute can for saltwater mixing, ~200 gallons Reef Crystals, fully stocked with pukani live rock, misc corals, two onyx clowns and other misc items.

I'm asking $750 for the full system including all items noted.  I'll post some recent photos this evening.


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