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Source of Calcium for media reactors


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I just saw a post on nextdoor where someone had reposted how to reuse eggshells.  She says a single eggshell has 750 mg of calcium carbonate.  

She says to rinse them and then bake them at 250 for 10 minutes and throw them into a food processor.  I am all about reusing as much of the items that I consume as possible.  (I compost them as it is) and reactor media is expensive.

Size wise I would think it would be better to not pulverize them so they stay in the reactor.

Would anyone think there would be an issue with using spent eggshells in a calcium reactor?

Link to the post: http://www.accidentallygreen.com/3-ways-reuse-eggshells/


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A very valid point and after google searching the topic more not just seeing that link and having the idea, finding out that I was not the first to have the idea.

I pose the question if you controlled what the chicken ate or you bought say soy free, vegan, organic, free range, no antibiotic, eggs $8-10 a dozen would that work?

Really its more of a question of sustainability, water chemistry ect...  Not will I do it but could it be possible and maybe I could volunteer to be a test case after talking to some smart people on this forum.

I believe more and more these days that the monetary value of a product does not accurately represent not only the cost it takes to produce said product nor the cost it taxes the environment.  While there seems to be environmentally conscious options for calcium reactor media at the end of the day it is just coral skeletons. (hopefully dead before we got it)  Did the boat gathering the dead coral stir up sand on its way through live coral and kill some?  Or the amount of oil it took the get the media into a package and trucked shipped to my destination contribute to global warning which is raising the water temperature and killing more coral?  Overkill I know, but you get the point.  In Austin Texas chickens are abundant and we are lacking a little bit on the side of natural, dead coral reefs.

Which we then put into a reactor and melt it and feed it to little baby corals all Matrix style.  (Seachem bad product name???)  Enough with the bad jokes.

Beyond that doesn't calcium reactor media leach phosphate into the water?  I think I read that somewhere?



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