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Ok fellow reefers, I just got a shipment of corals in from WWC out of Florida. I just purchased quite a few to make it worth while. I am posting some of the ones I am not going to keep here. I am not trying to make a killing or anything like that. The prices here are only $2-$5 more than what I paid for them to recoupe on my shipping. Now, you have to keep in mind that I did order them, so as you know, they aren't huge. These are as you would get them on-line. Please PM me if you have questions. By the way some of the frags also available are from my tank after moving things around.

First Pic

1. Upper left- toxic tubinara $15

2. Upper right- green fire tubinara $15

Second pic

3. Red Hillae- $20

4. Red War coral- $20

5. Blue Rose Madracis- $30

Third pic

6. Yellow polys with about 3 aquaman zoas- $25 these were just recently removed from a rock.

7. Montipora- $20

8. Chalice I think- $15

9. Small frag of yellow polyps on a small rock- $5 (sold)

Fourth pic

10. Aussie Golden Eye- $20

11. Cherry Red Gonioporra- $40 I have two of these but I am keeping one

Fifth Pic

12. Neon trumpet- $25

Sixth pi

13. Teal trumpet- $20

Seventh Pic

14. 24K Litho- $25

15. JFox Bipolar Favites- $30

16. Chalice- $20


I also have a small frag of each, neon and teal, trumpet (about 4 heads each)10 each

A few pieces of mummy eye chalice left at $25 a piece. 










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