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Purple Tang 3" - $150 - SOLD!!!


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I have a purple tang that didn't make the cut for my tank. He's about 3", used to share the tank with a powder blue tang, achilles tang, orange shoulder tang, and yellow belly hippo tang. Eats pellets, nori, and frozen foods.

Has been through tank transfer method (free of ich), prazipro (free of flukes and intestinal worms), and antibiotics (bacterial infection free). I've had him for almost a year now.

PM is key. First come first serve, hold with PayPal only. Thank you.

Sorry, backed up all my pictures so this is the only one I could find online. He's only crying because he didn't make the cut.



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Beautiful fish

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Thank you! They are quite stunning when adults. I'd love to keep him but I don't want to chance it having him with the powder blue and the Achilles. Once they get older, I can see things becoming more deadly.
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Available again. Buyer has a large sailfin tang that I thought it may be inadvisable to pair up together with as they'll more than likely fight.

Back on the market... Help him stop crying in the QT tank and someone buy him.

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Here's a video of him... Really the orange shoulder... Swimming in the QT. Sorry for the yellowish looking lights. Orange shoulder is 7" for size reference.


I was really disappointed there was no music with this video [emoji13]

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It was a utilitary video... Was just shooting it to a prospective orange shoulder tang buyer. I thought the funky music I always use would scare them away. [emoji12]
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