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FS: EB8, Complete Controller, DOS, Dosers, Dosing tanks, QT Tanks more...


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Selling all the Misc stuff that I don't use on the big tank anymore. Items are all located 5 minutes outside San Marcos. Min purchase for pickup $20, if you for some reason wanted something mailed add $10 + postage. Open to offers for someone who wants to come get everything, I have some more little things they could have as well. I work from home so pickup any time is available.

EB8 Power strip $100: (the white is just dust not corrosion or anything).


DOS Doser: Used it for a few months to automate water changes, has a new head on on side works great. $200


Three section dosing tank, mix your chemicals and put them in here with the low flow dosers sold below and get a hands off dosing solution. Custom made by the guy in San Antonio who does a good job. $50


60 Gallon tank with stand and covers: $120

Can supply with HOB filter or HOB skimmer as well if needed. see below


HOB Skimmer $40: kinda dirty but they are like $130 new.


3x BRS Dosers low flow: $40 each great condition


3x BRS Dosers High Flow: $45 each great condition


Precision Marine Skimmer overflow: $20


Precision marine media reactor: $30


Reefkeeper Lite with expansion $100


40L with drilled hole and bulkhead $30

2.5 G tank $5

Giant Magfloat $5

Most of an RODI filter $40 includes what you see, three pre filters, 2x ro membranes. needs a new DI canister and media and all the filters checked. Has a few TDS meters and tools.

HOB filter $10

Booster pump for RODI $20

50W heater $10

2x BML 4' lights, no ballast, I think they are white $20 for both

Home made LED that isn't looking so hot but works $10

Reached max pics, the rest can be seen here: http://imgur.com/a/Rhiyx

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