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Need Burrfish Help


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So I bought a small burrfish 2 weeks ago, and I have some questions.

I haven't seen this thing eat anything in 2 weeks and he is still alive. I try feeding him mysis, as well as leaving chunks of shrimp and scallops on skewers in the tank. The only thing I can possibily think of is he's been eaitng hair algae off my glass (the amounts have been reduced since I added him) or he eats his own poop.

Anyone ever kept one of these things? It's cute as all hell, but I'd really like to get him to eat something...

Also he seems to spend about 90% of time swimming facefirst into the corner of the glass or freaking out and zooming around the top of the tank. Not the normalest behavior so any advice on why he's doing this?

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