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Ocellaris Fry Hatching Tonight

Photodude (jakedoza)

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I'm going to try my hand at raising clownfish fry.. Now, I'm not thinking too highly of this since I am not prepared with rotifers or phyto.. but, I have grown phyto before and am thinking about starting that up again. I will also be needing a culture of rotifers if anyone in the club has any they would like to offer me to start me out. :D

For now what I have done to prepare is I have taken a small 2.5 gal aquarium and turned it upside down in my refugium. I have taken an air line and run it from inside the small aquarium above the water line to outside the small aquarium above the water line. This will keep the water level equal to the water level outside the aquarium. I have also taken an airline and run it from my display to the small aquarium. This line will be my siphon to catch my fry from the display to the small aquarium.

I'm hoping that I have enough natural food in my refugium that they survive.. we will see..

I'll post photos and maybe video later.

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Are those tiny tiny things swimming around the fry or are those the pods? I see a lot of "dust" floating in the water, maybe those are the pods and the small things swimming around are the fry? I dunno I've never looked into how small clownfish fry are.

Pretty cool either way, I look forward to seeing how it turns out.

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They hatched last night.. They are a LOT smaller than anticipated and the hatching lasted ALL night. I sucked as many as I could from the main tank to the holding area. There were 30-40 of them. Then this morning, there was nothing in the little tank and the rest had hatched in the main tank. I sucked them to the small tank this morning, but over all I don't think there will be much survival out of this. I did watch them for a bit and it seemed that they were eating the pods that were available, but who knows. Here are some photos I snapped.







I had some that got out of the small tank. This is a pic with the pumps on. There isn't much flow across the refugium.. who knows, but I don't think they will survive.


This one is for fun. :)


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