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Looking for aiptasia control fish


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Tried a few peppermint shrimp but no luck. Would like to try your berghia, molly miller blenny (not lawnmower), copperband, file fish or whatever you have that you already have know/have seen eating aiptasia.

I know I missed someone selling a proven file fish a few weeks back. Figured I'd put this out there in case that one gets done with it's job or there are others.

PM me.


Cedar Park

PS, yes I've tried aiptasia-x. Not good unless your only problem is facing you in the tank. The hidden ones flourished and took my tank over.

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Seriously? That's awesome. I'll PM later this afternoon to find out how much you charge. I'm not in a big hurry as I am bringing my tank back to life - new animals will survive better. Would be good not to pay shipping.

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