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Protein Skimmer and Return Pump suggestions


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Hey everyone,

I'm looking for any advice on this matter. I'm upgrading to a 180 gal peninsula with 36 gal sump (216 gal total). Planned on having a mixed reef with lots of fish and corals. The tank will be near the bedroom so I need all these equipment dead silent for years.

The protein skimmer I'm looking at is Reef Octopus 200 INT, I'm wondering if this is over kill or should I get something in the Regal/Classic line or a different brand that's a little less.

As for the return pump, I know the turn over rate should be at least 1512 gal for 7x. Something in the 2000+ gal should do the trick. I think it would be good to use the same brand so Reef Octopus VarioS-8 is my top choice right now. The other one I'm considering is EcoTech M1 with the price difference of $20 it really doesn't matter at that point but the VarioS-8 max rate is 2700GPH vs M1 2000GPH.

Any thoughts?

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I bought a Jebao DCT 12000 return pump and I like it.

For protein skimmers, it's all about the pump and the footprint. The Aquamaxx CO-3 comes with a Sicce pump that uses 27 watts and is rated for 270 gallons heavy load. The Reef Octopus Elite 200INT comes with a DC pump that uses 25-40 watts and is rated for 200 gallons heavy. Both pumps are supposed to be quiet and they both have an air intake of 1,000 I/HR. If you go with the RO then make sure you get one of the Diablo, Regal or Elite models because they come with the DC pump. I had a INT150 with the older pump and it sounded like a jet engine.

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