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50/60 Gallon RR w/stand and sump - $250


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We ended up abandoning this project and went with something smaller.

Includes a 50 - 60 gallon reef ready tank, roughly 36 x 18 x 20 and black stand. The tank is not rimless but is open top and was made without a plastic divider.

I also have a very nice Aqueon Proflex 2 sump with mud and some rubble that is recirculating in my garage. Plumbing will need to be setup. Add a return pump and this combo should be ready to go.

Asking $250 for the whole setup. These sumps run almost $300 brand new on their own.



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Bump. Lowering to $250 if anyone is interested, not going lower than that though. This is a great size tank if anyone is looking to upgrade from a nano but doesn't want a 4ft or larger tank.

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