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Hello From MASNA!!


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Have you heard of MASNA?

The name MASNA stands for Marine Aquarium Society of North America. It is the largest non-profit reef aquarium organization in the nation and is known throughout the world. MASNA has many free programs that can be very valuable to your club and members.

MASNA’s goals are to:

  • Educate our members with online and published material, the MACNA conference, and other sanctioned events

  • Assist in forming and promoting the growth of clubs within the hobby while ensuring a sustainable future for the marine environment

  • Support the efforts to eliminate abuses in collecting and transporting marine organisms through education, assistance and encouragement

  • Encourage the ethical growth of the marine aquarium hobby and support captive breeding/propagation efforts

MASNA, now in its 22 th year, has a following of thousands of individual reef hobbyists, sponsored by major marine and reef companies and world known speakers and authors. We would like to invite you to the 2016 MACNA reef conference coming up this September 9 th – 11th in San Diego, California.

MASNA’S website is http://www.masna.org.


Richard Hogan

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