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LED lights for 55g


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I'm at the point I want to bang my head into my desk.
A while ago, 1 set of lights over my 55 got a spot of corrosion on it and killed the blues. Upgraded to a SBreef retro box plate. My other chinese black box has been fine thus far.
Wake up this morning to find blues on....on only half of my tank. I've checked my splicing, redid the splicing on the blue cable that was 'wonky'. No change. Checked for corrosion and only saw a tiiiiiny bit on a capacitor. STILL NOTHING.

I need ideas for good color lights for 48in that are UNDER 200. Or if you are looking to get rid of some LED lights for under 200 that fit a 48in long tank, I can work with that too....
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I stumbled across thess LED bars a few months ago and have been fairly happy with them so far:


I've found the same light under several different names so search for the best price. Like a lot of led fixtures I've seen, the advertised wattage is decieving as it's based on the maximum design wattage of the leds used and not the actual wattage the fixture is designed for. These bars are actually running at about half the advertised or max wattage and while the false advertising is annoying it does give the leds a longer life expectancy and they put out a decent amount of PAR. At 24" from the light I'm getting 60 PAR. If you mount two of the 45" bars 3" above the water line and within 3" of each other you'll have a wide area on the bottom getting 100 PAR. They also have glass lenses siliconed in place so are pretty water resistant. They are not dimmable which might be an issue for some. I've compared it to BML's fixture and the color temperature I'd say is around 12000K which I preffer but it you want bluer you'll need to add an actinic fixture. The housing runs around 115° so it's hot to hold very long and in an enclosed hood you'll want to run fans.

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