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7ft x 2.5ft x 2.5ft - 330 gallon Aquarium


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This aquarium has sat in my truck the last few years waiting for me to get a good job and buy a house. It didn't happen for me here in Austin and I have been offered a job across the USA.

It is 7ft long, 30 inches wide, 30 inches tall. Look at the pics for the drilling across the back. I was going to make an external across the back. Lots of ways to go with it. It did get a nick in a corner edge on the drive home from a quick stop and hitting the metal bed. It has had water in it to about twenty inches. I would not have issues filling it up in my house but someone else might wanna do a garage test. So she isn't perfect but for someone who dreams of a big tank, this is it.

This tank is huge and heavy. You need at least four VERY strong guys or a pallet jack/fork lift. Moved this into my truck with a hot tub company who has a fork lift.

This is in Pflugerville at the 130/45 toll road.

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