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Must Sell - 120 Gal Reef System - $ 1500 OBO


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SOLD - i would remove post, but not sure how ?

Empty Nester - needs freedom to travel - so selling 120 gallon Tank / stand with 20 gallon sump. Prefer to sell entire system - coral, rock, fish, equipment - to one buyer if possible, but open to partial sale if timing and price is right. This has been my hobby for 13 years, but no time to properly maintain.

many photos here https://goo.gl/photos/o1PAEqL5euz6RyR36

Fish: Royal Gamma, Tomato Clown (10+ yrs), Flame Angel, 2 Damsels
Snails, Crabs, multiple starfish
Montipora capricornis, Galaxy fascicularis , Frogspawn, , Chalise, braincoral, and more
Good layer of Coralline Algae across back of tank.

Live Rock has been in my tank(s) for over 10 years.

DSA 120 Gallon Reef Ready Tank - 3 years new - 60W x 20D x 21H
Kessil A360WE Controllable LED Aquarium lights (2) with digital controller
HydroUSA Auto Top Off System
ASM Sedra 3500 Protein Skimmer
2 Aqueon 06134 Circulating powerheads - magnetically attached to glass
Marineland NJ3000 MaxiJet Submersible Sump Pump
R2 Dual Extreme Aquarium Moon lights


Misc: Chemicals, buffer, turbo calcium, food, testing kits, spare pumps - I'm selling everything

Extremely Quiet

Stable - some fish/rock/corals over 13 years old. I mix my own saltwater each month.

Never had any disease or problems -- recently converted from 6 bulb T5 Fluorescent fixture to programmable LED Lighting (Kessil)

Seller willing to help (up to 4 hours) move the tank/equipment .. Buyer needs to bring buckets, help and strong back smile.png

Over $6000 of equipment, livestock, and spares - selling for $1500 OBO






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