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Clearing out: BM NAC6, Reefkeeper Lite, TLF 150 reactor, Fluval Edge


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Bubble Magus NAC6 skimmer w/upgrade kit - $60 SOLD

I haven’t been able to get this working right since I moved my tank a year ago; it likely just needs a new pump. I don’t have the time and patience to mess with it, so I replaced it and am offering this as a great deal to someone who has the time and patience to get it working. It was a fantastic skimmer for me when it worked right! All the parts are still here.


Reefkeeper Lite w/PC4, SL1 with temp and pH probes and probe holder, and MLC (moonlights) pod w/blue LEDs - $100 PENDING

Works great; now that I have an EcoTech ReefLink I find that I don’t use this any more. Probes have been kept submerged in my sump to preserve their function. I’ll throw in any calibration packets I can find as well as the eShopps magnetic probe holder.


TLF 150 Carbon/GFO reactor with extra foam discs, ball valve and extension kit (no pump or media included) - $40


Fluval Edge pico w/heater, TLF NanoMag and AC30 filter - $20 SOLD

This was given to me a couple of years ago by someone who had had it drilled and plumbed into his home system. I sealed the drill hole and upgraded the accessories. The light works for FW but the mounting brackets for the light are broken; I would recommend a reef-compatible mount-on-back light for this. Since the tank itself was free to me I’m just asking enough to cover the accessories. I would prefer this go to someone who is newer in the hobby who wants to venture into nano/pico tanks.


PM for interest or questions. Pick-up is at Braker/Parkfield (Gracy Farms area). Thanks for looking!

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Would you take any less for the Reefkeeper stuff? I already have a RKL and only need the PC4 and the PH probe & calibration packets to expand my existing system.



Hello John and welcome to the club. If you don't mind, one of the rules of the club is to keep all negotiations to personal messages (PMs) to the seller. Thank you very much and please let us know if you have any questions at all.

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