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Tank Transition SPS, LPS, and Toadstool Sale


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I'm transitioning to a new stand, and rock scape next month and need to clear some room.

Discounts for multiple purchases.

Palmers Blue Mille
I will cut large branching Frags for $50 each. Several SOLD, I can cut smaller pieces for those who prefer that.

Red Mille
The largest you see I'm keeping, the rest will be $25 for the larger ones and $10 for the small.

Red and green caps
$10 each for the small reds, same for the greens

Green Toadstool Colony
Selling the whole colony for $80

Located in Manor, home evenings and the occasional day. Cash or Paypal

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May I buy some of your Palmers Blue Mille? Please call or text me. I can come Sunday afternoon.

I can help you lift heavy stuff, if needed?



I texted the number I had. Not sure if It's right.

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