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BioCube 29 Spare lighting parts


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Hello, got a quick question, I recently had to save a BioCube 29 from total destruction. The family I rescued it form couldn't take care of it anymore. Got everything back and running, but I found out, that the Capacitor between the 2 middle pens on the Coralife lighting is blown. It's an Oceanic BioCube 29A, manufacturer does not carry these parts anymore, gets does not have the correct voltage and tolerance I need for it to work, I was wondering if anyone out there would happen to have spare parts, or any ideas? The capacitor code is 562J PP1250V. It's about a centimeter x Centimeter in thickness, very small. Any help would be nice, this is also temporary until I upgrade to LED. I only have Actinic and lunar currently, need some white.

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