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House/Tank/Dog sitter - $40/day 7/2-7/9

Dan H

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Hey everyone. Once again Meg and I will be on vacation from July 2 - July 9. We're looking for someone to house sit. This would also include dog-sitting Hobbes, the laziest dog on Earth, and tank sitting. We're thinking $40/day so you'd get $280 to just chill at our house, stay in our guest room, watch TV, watch the tank, eat our food, drink our wine, etc... We're even willing to stock up on some food/drink of your choosing if that makes the deal sweeter. The catch is we really want someone to live here, not just stop by...

If you can't house sit, but are willing to check on the tank each day, that's something we can work out as a possibility as we have a friend that we can probably convince to house sit, but we're trying to get 1 person to do it all if possible.

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