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A Note on No3 and Po4 Testing


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Hello ARC,

This may seem obvious to some but it wasn't to medoh.gif .

I have been doing my No3 and Po4 testing during the day (when photosynthesis is occurring). This morning I decided to test those before the lights came on.

No3 during the day is 2-5 ----- No3 before lights on 7-10

Po4 during the day is .02 ----- Po4 before lights on .07

This is a pretty big difference! I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier but I am glad I figured it out. Well actually I didn't, I read about it on another forum.

While these numbers are not necessary bad they will influence how I feed my tank.

So take this lesson and learn from my mistake.

TLDR: Test No3 and Po4 before the lights are on.wave.gif

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