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Re-Aquascape Coral Sale


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I'm about to re aquascape my tank and need to clear some space for the transition, (and fund it...)

Green and Purple Hammer 5$ a head ( 1 4-5 head frag left.

Lone Star Leather $25 for 2"x2" + Frags (3 Spoken For) 1 Sold - I can do about 2 more

Peach base Green Umbrella - $20 for very large Frags

Peach Toadatool - $20 very Large frags

Large Frag Red Monti - $5 - Sold

Fishy Business Oranged Tipped Teal torch - $20 a Head - 2 Sold, No more

Purple Tipped Green torch - $20 for whole Colony - Pending

Unknown Bleached chalice - very healthy and puts out crazy polyps at night - $10

Neon Green Candy Canes - 15 or so heads - $25 - SOLD

Tri Color Valida Colony - has some stn at the base. Healthy but could be fragged several times into mini colonies if you prefer- $20 - SOLD

Green Monti - $10 (will break the biggest piece I can for you

Pink and Green ORA Pocillapore - $10 SOLD

Purple Hammer - whole Colony 5-6 heads - SOLD

Pm Cash or Paypal
Schools out but I'll be at school every now and then if meeting in town is better for you.

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I visited Rory yesterday to pick up the teal torch. His tank is super cool, he was very nice, and didn't mind answering my noob questions.

The teal torch looks super cool next to my aussie gold torch. Thanks Juiceman! Also, I told my friend Eric to contact you.... he might hit you up for something within the next day or two if he hasn't already.

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I'd love one. Did u ever sell the clam?

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There's a guy who wants it but is waiting for his tank to be ready. So it's still available

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