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Hawaii fish order


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I just received some fish from Hawaii direct from a diver/collector. These haven't sat in wholesalers tanks or had to go through the stress of multiple handlers. I am making them available now to anyone that wants to acclimate them to aquarium life themselves at a cheaper price than I will sell them for in 4 weeks, after I have acclimated them and have them fully eating hobbiest foods.

I have the following available now or you can pay and reserve them for pick up in 4 or so weeks.

Achilles Tang - 3.5" -

now (this week) $140, in 4 weeks $200. LiveAquaria has med/lg $300 (non-quarantined).

Potters Leopard Wrasse - 3"-3.5" -

now $60, in 4 weeks $100. LiveAquaria has large for $80 (non-quarantined).

Chevron Tang - 1.5"-2" -

now $125, in 4 weeks $200. LiveAquaria has small for $250 (non-quarantined).

Potters Angel - 3"-4" -

now $60, in 4 weeks $100. LiveAquaria has large for $100 (non-quarantined).

Pm or Text me at five1two. Five6five. Four2nine9. First come first served...




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At this point, I am holding the remaining fish for the 4 weeks to adjust them to tank life and will make them available again after that. They are eating really well and will be available the weeks before Memorial Day.

You can text me if you want to get on the waiting list for when they are available. See number in original post.

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