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This weekend special only, pre-swap prime picks

Dan H

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The MAAST swap is next weekend so if you're interested in getting the prime pieces, this is your last shot. I've got more available than listed on the site, but most of what I've got is here: http://www.fragcoop.com/product-category/hobbyists/austin/dam/

If you swing by this weekend, I'll throw in a free frag or something to make it worthwhile.

Feel free to PM, email, or call/text:

[email protected]

512-595-FRAG (3724)

Also, Ty's got some stuff on the site as well and I know he said he'll hook up ARC people as well... Most of what Ty's got is here: http://www.fragcoop.com/product-category/hobbyists/austin/farmerty/

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