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SOLD - Reef Octopus DCS 300 Skimmer (Up To 600 Gallons)


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With the selling of my frag tank, I can now sell our Reef Octopus DCS 300 Skimmer.

The skimmer is rated for 400 gallons @ heavy filtration, 500 gallons @ medium filtration and 600 gallons @ light filtration demands. Based on the old pump.

The size of the body is 12", footprint is 18.2" x 13.4" with a 25.4" height.

Reef Octopus replaced the old Diablo DC 5500s pump and controller with a new model RODC 5500s pump and controller, which is more efficient and should actually allow the skimmer to support a higher load. The controller also has more features than the controller that came with the skimmer.

On the output, I also added some PVC to quiet the water coming out of the skimmer. Pulls right off if space is an issue.

I replaced this skimmer with a newer model Regal 300SSS, but actually think the DCS 300 was more consistent.

The skimmer is about 2 years old, with less than 6 months of use on the new pump.

Retail was $635 on the skimmer and I'm asking $375.




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