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What am I missing?


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I test my tank regularly. Once a week on the same day and hour every week. I'm a data nerd but I am not a number chaser per say. All my levels are perfect (for my tank) and nothing is wacky or high like phosphates or nitrates. All goose eggs. And on the other side nothing is low like alk or calcium...etc.

All my corals are doing amazing. Splitting, multiplying, growing...the works. Except...my candy canes. Both the greenish blue and the kryptonite. They shrink up and actually are receding and aren't full or flapping in the water flow. Again. Everything is perfect. The only thing that helps is when I do a 25-30g water change once a month and then almost instantly, overnight they are back to full and flappy for about a week and then they go back to shrinking and recede.

What am I missing?

Possibly trace elements that I don't test for? Maybe a gas exchange that only a water change can release or balance?

This is what I currently test for:









And I monitor and record data such as temp, orp.

Thanks in advance!

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I used to feed ever day. Very maliciously. Only feeding small amounts to ensure its all eaten and never over feeding but in my 90 even then it was being over taken by algae so I went to every other day and I haven't had that problem. But as far as skimming I empty the skimmer maybe once every 2-3 weeks. So not often (bubble Magus curve 5 so a smaller skimmer but rated at 60g above my tank size)

But skimming removed the nutrients that lps need?

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