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40g Breeder


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Well it's time for me to do a new build with the 75 and 125 gallon gone I'm going to go with a smaller build. This build is going to be a low tech 40 gallon breeder build. I am strongly considering going skimmer less. I feel like we spend a lot of time and money trying to keep water perimeters so low that we strip to much out of the water column. I think I am just going to run a Ref with live rock sand and macro allege in between sump baffles run media

40 Gallon Breeder

20 Gallon long sump

Mag 5 return

wp-10 x2

6 bulb t5 setup.

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Final Build

40 Gallon Breeder with Stand 20g long Sump eshop overflow

Mag 3 return

wp-25 (I will have to buy multi volt power supply)

bubble mag 3.5 skimmer

AI Prime LED 1.5 hour Ramp UP white 60% Rest 100% for now

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