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Gary, I will only speak for me personally.

I have a 180g and would love to have an automated cleaner but I am not willing to pay $200 to $350 (180g version) to have only my front glass cleaned. It can't move around the corner so I would have to manually intervene for both ends to get cleaned daily. Also it is another piece of equipment to maintain and possibly break. I have invested in a lot of other equipment so I am not anti equipment. As examples: I have a full Apex, Skimz skimmer, LED lights, biopellet reactor, etc. I just don't see the ROI on this.

As a business owner, unless you are getting very high margins on this product, I can't imagine it is worth having it in stock in your store for the few you would sell. If it were my store, I would not stock them but would be willing to order them in if someone wanted one and paid for it in advance. There is too many other inventory items that turn over faster and are a better investment to have in stock.

Just my 2 cents, and that may be all it is worth.


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I would really be worried about it dragging a piece of sand all across my tank.

For a lot of money. I can scratch my tank for free, thankyouverymuch.

It seems like a cool concept, but even if I had the money to purchase it easily (I don't), it doesn't seem like something I'd purchase.

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