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Hello Austin Reefers

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We are excited to join the Austin Reef Club so a little bit about us: We established Zen Reef as a duo team based out of San Antonio in June of 2014. As hobbyists, we have experienced a lot of the many pitfalls and woes in our hobby. Our love and passion for the hobby lead us to establish what we hope to become a household brand that encompasses quality coral, innovative, sleek and functional, sleek acrylic products while most importantly, providing the type of customer service we would love to see ourselves. Our coral selection and acrylic product line can be found on our website at zen-reef.com. Here you can look at our products more in detail, customer pictures, testimonials as well as submit any custom inquiries for your special build.

We offer wholesale for stores as well. Please reach out to us for more info carrying the Zen Reef line.

You can also find our acrylic products locally at these Zen Reef vendors:

  • San Antonio: Coral Cove // Aquarium Designs // Elegant Reef // Southseas Aquatics
  • Austin: Rivercity Aquatics // Aquadome
  • Houston: FJW // Oceanlife Aquarium
  • Dallas: Ocean Avenue

We are stoked to be apart of ARC and hope to meet many new faces. If anyone has any further questions or inquiries please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Email: [email protected]

Happy reefing!!

-Tuan & Tran from Zen Reef



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