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Craigslist aquarium.....


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Let me know if I'm posting this in the wrong forum.

I have been in need of sizing up my community tank for a bit now, but I'm pretty sharply limited on my budget. Because of my space needs, the only good solution was a 40 long - 48" of length, but not too tall.

I can't justify buying a new tank so I've been scoping Craigslist for weeks. I got a 40 long a couple days ago, but now I'm nervous.

The owner had about 15 planted aquariums and was clearly an avid hobbyist. I trust someone like that more than somebody who's had an old aquarium collecting dust for years in the garage.

He said he emptied the aquarium in June, it was 3 years old, and it was mostly filled when I got there for a leak test.

Once I got it home I filled it to the top and added vinegar for a clean out. It seemed to leak water out of the top of one corner for about a day, but then it stopped. I think maybe water got under the bracing because of how full it was, and slowly worked its way out. It's still almost full, and not leaking anymore.

But now I'm worried about using it. Am I being paranoid or should I just junk this thing? I don't have enough experience to make the call.

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I'm worried that if there is a small leak at the top, the degradation of the silicone will just spread and the tank will eventually be a big problem.

I have retested it again after emptying it out and letting it dry, and it looks like either water was trapped under the bracing and slowly made its way out, or the leak is at nearly the highest point of the glass. It's hard to see the silicon that high on the glass under the bracing, I can't see any problem in particular.

I feel more comfortable now but am open to anyone's comments if they've had experience with this.

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