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Nano aquarium skimmers


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So while I know it is certainly not necessary for a ten gallon tank I am thinking about getting a skimmer as much to supplement filtration as to gain some experience with the technology. So my question is does anyone know of a good nano skimmer? I was looking at the reef octopus NS-80 as a viable possibility but wanted to get some input.

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I got my ns-80 in Thursday but just put it in the tank today, stock it was pretty noisy but the addition of a silencer reduced the noise to a more reasonable level it is still louder than I would like but not unbearable. For now I am just breaking it in with the bubbles low in the cup so I don't overflow the cup. I do like that the collection cup has a drain in it which I am considering just leaving open for break in so that I can't overflow it but I feel like that would change the characteristics of operation to have a big vent in the cup.

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