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Moving VERY soon!!! Live Rock/Sand, Corals & Fish

Andrew Larrabee

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EDIT: Everything has been sold. Thanks to everyone who helped me out!

EDIT: It looks like I'll be parting this out due to the numerous responses for various pieces. I have updated the items below to indicate what has been or is in process of being SOLD. Please PM to discuss pricing for the remaining items.

I'm moving out of state in two weeks and thus far have been unsuccessful selling my tank & livestock via CL. I am asking $400 for everything inside the tank. I'm willing to separate/sell individual items but would prefer to unload everything at once due to the limited amount of time I have left to sell. I would also sell the whole setup (120 gal tank, stand, sump, lights, rock, fish, corals, etc.) for $1200. Please PM if interested.

Here is what I have in the tank;

Estimated 200 lbs of live rock - SOLD

Est. 200 lbs of aragonite/live sand - SOLD
Clown fish - SOLD
Sailfin Tang - SOLD

Acans - SOLD

Kenya tree - SOLD
Green Favia - SOLD
Clove Polyps - SOLD
Frogspawn - SOLD
Bird of Paradise - SOLD
Green Slimer - SOLD
Green Star Polys - SOLD
Blue Sympodium - SOLD
Green Button Polyp - SOLD
Misc mushrooms and polys - SOLD

Tank details;

120 Gal (72'X18"X24") with dual overflows - SOLD

Stand/Canopy - SOLD

Sump (converted wet/dry) - SOLD

AquaMaxx EM200 skimmer - SOLD

JBJ ATO system - SOLD

Jebao WP-40 P/H with controller - SOLD

Jebao DP-4 (4 head dosing pump) - SOLD

BRS dual carbon/GFO reactor - SOLD

2 AquaGoLED IT2060 lights - SOLD

Return pump - SOLD














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I'm interested in the ATO and the return pump

I think the return is 700 gph, i have had it about 2 years. The ATO is a JBJ which I bought for $70 in Jan. I am currently using it with a 6 gallon water container to top up with kalk. How does $80 for all 3 pieces sound (return pump, ato & container)?

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