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75 Gallon Per Day RODI System Producing about 100-125 GPD


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I have a 5 Stage Bulk Reef Supply RODI System that is rated for 75 Gallons per day. The over the last month or so I have been getting about a 100 to 125 gallons per day flow rate (not that I am complaining!).

Is this normal or possibly a sign something is wrong?

Still have zero TDS.

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What's your TDS going into the membrane and out of it? I have my suspicions you have a membrane that is leaking. In that scenario, you'll still be able to get 0 TDS at the final stage because your DI resin is making up for your leaking membrane.

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Nah, at 4 TDS coming out of the membrane, that seems pretty normal. I think you just lucked out sir. Any idea what your water pressure is going into your RO/DI?

Agreed. My first thought was a leaky membrane, but it should be higher than 4 if that's the case. Temperature can also affect output! Do you have your system in the garage?

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