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My 65 (90??) Gallon Reef Build


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Greetings!! After over a decade of lurking around numerous marine/reef communities, I am finally able to take the plunge myself! I was gifted with a (double) hand-me-down 65 Gallon tank and stand that he used as a snake cage, and my dad used as a chichlid tank before that.



The tank is in great shape and the stand had only MINOR damage. (The vertical support between the doors was coming away from the frame, EASY fix).


I have always wanted a properly plumbed and drilled tank, but I ran into a slight problem.


So, there went my dream of a beautiful bottom drilled, were dashed....or were they? I know, I know, what I'm about to say next is a little crazy, but hey, I get a chance to do some fun stuff. I am going to tear it down, and replace that tempered pane with a good ol' annealed pane. Step one cut a hole in the box Remove the frame.



The top frame come off in pieces, but the bottom came off in one. Then I started to cut the silicone and take the panes apart when.....


Well at least I know only the bottom was tempered now. I wanted to cry a little. If you've made it this far into my rambling you might be asking yourself "What kind of drugs is this guy on, and why is there a '90??' in the title?" Well the answer is simple, first only the ones my doctor gave me, and secondly, I am debating on replacing the both the front and the back (one of which was the broken pane) with 48" instead of 36" wide....don't know yet, the fact that the Mrs hates the stand is making me lean toward building that from scratch as well. Either way, I now have a completely disassembled 65G tank in my garage. More to come.


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