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Want to buy nanotank/picotank


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If you are thinking of going the pico route check out the jbj picotope, I had a lot of success with mine and they are pretty cheap considering how beefy the tank is. The kit comes with a little hob filter and a light that will grow softies and other low to moderately low light requirement corals and there is always room for upgrades.

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I just broke down this setup on Tuesday Aug. 25th to take all of my corals home to my upgraded tank. This picture was of when I first set it up at my office desk two years ago. The LED set up was purchased at RCA. It is a great setup and provides a great growth. I have sold many of my frags that out grew my tank and also nursed a few back from the almost dead with this setup. This is a 10Gallon rimless with small powerhead, protein skimmer, LED lighting setup. The items still need to thoroughly be cleaned but all in all this is great and complete. All you will need is the sand, rocks, corals, and fish. I want to get rid of it before my wife decides that she wants to put it somewhere at the house. I do not want multiple tanks. I think that a fair price for this would be $150 complete less the livestock. Let me know.



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