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NIB Plusrite MH 150w Double End Bulb


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Um,I never ran them back it was from my bro in laws setup he tore down and never used this bulb. I run LEDs so hopefully some of the halide running crew can answer but I heard they are a great bulb for the price in regards to color but they aren't Pheonix bulbs. But you aren't paying the price of a Pheonix bulb either. Great lower cost alternative with good color if you don't want to pay the bigger bucks. Maybe a standard bulb for a Pheonix user in case of emergency...

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They are close to my 14K phoenix DE's, definitely nowhere near as blue as a phoenix 20K, but good crisp color for a reef tank. Not too red especially if you use any actinic supplemental lighting.

If you look at this post in my older build thread, this is taken exclusively under these: http://www.austinreefclub.com/topic/20558-ada-90p-48-gallon-rimless-build/?p=211967

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