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All Sold: Fire Sale! Last Two Days - Everything Must Go: Zoas / Palys


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UPDATED 8-28-15

I'm breaking down the tank this Sunday, so whatever is not sold will be taken to a LFS.

PM to reserve, cash only.

  1. Zoa Covered Live Rock $35 (5 Different zoa colonies are on this aqua-cultured rock that's been grown out over 2 years. Originally paid $25 per frag alone so this is a awesome bargain! This rock really ROCKS under actinic lighting punk.gif )
  2. Paly covered Live Rock $5 (Red People Eaters, with two other palys)
  3. Paly covered Live Rock $10 Another beautiful rock under UV lighting
  4. Dark Red & Purple Zoa $10 (this is a bad pic of this Zoa, but it is really pretty in person)
  5. Very Dark Blue Zoa with Green Eyes $5 (this is a bad pic of this Zoa, but it is really pretty in person)
  6. Acan $10
  7. Orange Paly $5 (this is a bad pic of the paly, but it is really pretty in person)
  8. Red Monti $5



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