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Sand goby help


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You need to either get coarser sand but not too coarse or get rid of him. They do what they do... Kind of like we breathe, they sift sand. The only time they stop is when they permanently stop... If you know what I mean.

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there are less active sifters out there. i had a diamond head goby who did exactly as you are describing. i now have a pink spot and he is much less sifty and still fun to watch.....all in all like woods said, sifters sift until they sift no more, with a fine substrate any sand sifting could leave to a less than clear water column....your choice

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Will a sand sifting goby harm a watchman goby paired with pistol Shrimp?

i would say you never know, but it is probably likely depending on the space and territory size...like shaped fish can often choose to dislike one another and may fight.....more real estate means more options and why for my money, bigger is better, bigger tank = more room = more options and ability to bend the "rules"

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