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Apex Temp Probe malfunctioning?

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Ok, not really an urgent emergency but could soon be if not resolved. My temperature have been reading faulty on occasion lately. I came home yesterday and my Apex showed 113 and my lights were off as I Chavez them Temp controlled. Temp was actually 80. 2 hours later Temp is correct and lights were. Today I came home and Temp shows 121. I unplugged main Apex display unit and plugged back in. 15 minutes later it shows 104. Temp is actually 78.

I am guessing this is just a symptom of my Temp probe going bad as everything else works fine. Before I replace it, I figure I will ask here is anyone else has seen this and what their root cause was?

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Actually yes, my PH is high as well right now but I didn't notice that as I don't use it to dose... I just glance at it on occasion to see that it is within range... Hmmmm.....

Ty, everything else worked normal for you when your board was fried?

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