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**Parting Out** 75g Marineland Non-RR Setup


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Selling my 75g tank originally purchased and setup in late 2011 to early 2012 instead of re-purposing as the frag tank I had intended. Life changes and not alot of time to get that project taken care of with a 6 month old in tow. Parting out at this point, pm me with any questions you might have and thanks for looking!

Whats left:

  • Life Reef double overflow box (slimline) - $125 $100

http://www.lifereef.com/siphon.html(second image down)


  • 75g Marineland 48''x18''x21'' non reef ready (not drilled) minimal scratches and no leaks - Sold

http://www.myaquarium.net/marineland-75-gallon-aquarium-majesty-ensemble/(not sure if this is the exact tank but pictures are very close)

  • Black stand came with the tank at purchase. Doors need repairing, right now the left door is macgyvered into place - Free with Tank.
  • Life Reef double overflow box (slimline) - $125 $100

http://www.lifereef.com/siphon.html(second image down)


  • Aquatic Life 48'' T5HO 6-Bulb Fixture, currently running all ATI Bulbs about 6 months old included. - Sold

specs - http://aquaticlife.lifetimeproducts.netdna-cdn.com/sites/default/files/specsheets/420192_0.pdf

  • ReefBrite 48'' Tech LED - Actinic - Great stunner strip. - Sold



  • Aqueon Proflex Model 2 - 17.4g- 26.3" x 14.8" x 17.4" - Sold

The acrylic on the sump return top cover cracked during moving but works fine, no leaks

  • Coralife 75g Cone Protein Skimmer - Sold




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If no one buys it as a complete I would like the brs duel media reactor

I'll let you know if I part out and get a list going, thanks for the interest.

What model protein skimmer is it?

It is a Corlife 75g cone protein skimmer.

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