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How to move a reef tank?


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Is this possible?

I just got orders to pcs (time is unknown) but I got the notice it will happen. I refuse to be like the majority who move and sell everything and start over. My tank just got self sustaining (for lack of better words) and I have every piece of my puzzle from dosing pumps down to the apex to control it. I also (after the move) won't have the money to restart everything but can't go back to life BC, before corals.

Who knows of ways to safely move the equipment and livestock and rock and the works. I'm open to all suggestions and help and such.

Much appreciated!

Also side note. Not sure if I posted this in the right section but couldn't find one that fit.

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No idea haha. Needs of the Air Force. I just got the notice today that it will be happening. They said could be in under 30 days or it could be 6-12 months. So I want to plan ASAP just in case

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I helped a friend tear down a very large system, and we loaded it into lots of buckets, and even some horse troughs. The corals are not too terrible to move, but fish need oxygen so you need pumps and stuff for them.

Make sure there is NOTHING in the tank. Never move a tank with any weight in it, it will ruin the seals.

Don't reuse the sand, keep only a little from the top layer to seed the new tank.

Keep the LR submerged as much as possible to minimize sponge die-off.

The unfortunate reality is that moving a tank is never good. It will take some time to get it back to where it was, and you will likely lose something. That's why so many people just sell and restart.

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