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FarmerTy's Sandbed Treasures - Part 3


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Got a bunch of small pieces that are either too small to sell as a single frag or fell off their frag plug and I'm too lazy to reglue. First $30 gets it!

So far I see cherry bomb zoas, pieces of yellow scroll coral, kryptonite candy canes, king midas zoas, dragoneyes (not to be confused with radioactive dragoneyes), sunset monti, Jedi mind trick, and an ORA Jeremy's Monti nub.

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I now stalk Ty for his Sandbed treasures...

Its a good thing I scored a chunk of his Chips Acro at C4 or I would be befriending his Emperor to break off a chunk for me to add to this round of treasures. I do think I need to entice him to knock off a piece of Forest Fire Digi for me though...

I am sure I will be checking out that frag rack while I am there as well.

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Thanks Ty for the treasures! It took me awhile to get them all on plugs but was fun seeing what came. I do have a few prized ones that I had been coveting that we included (Yellow Scoll, various Zoas). Feel free to break some more corals so I can grab some more. Maybe one of your nems will move to the Sandbed for me....

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