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Disappearing clown fish


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This morning when I turned on the lights on my biocube 29 and my clown fish was not there. he's usually the first one that I see looking around frantically I thought to myself could he be in one of the chambers in the back. holy cow he was in the return pump and I'm glad there was enough water in there for him to swim around. I put him back in the tank by hand because my net is too big to get in the return pump chamber. he looks like he's happy I fed him he ate. has that happened to anyone else?

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Not exactly, but I have had a Molly Miller Blenny that I thought had died and disappeared. A month or two later, I found it in my sump. Looks like it jumped into an overflow, then worked its way down 5 or 6 ft of flex hose, and fell out into the sump. I put him back in my DT as soon as I noticed him there. He seems to have learned a lesson because he hasn't done it again. lol

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