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Help? Maybe?!


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Stomatella snail... reef friendly... should have a half shell on it. They actually reproduce in reef tanks if you have enough of them.

Once again Ty you come in with the exact right answer and in such a short time. You da man! I've seen a few of them!

I'll chalk this one up to my tank doing well! I've got my first little dots of coralline growing on my overflow ( consistently larger every few days) I have tons of critters and growth of all my macro algae in my fuge, my corals are growing and multiplying, I dare say I'm doing well! ( yes I knocked on wood as I was typing this) (also I got my dosing pumps turned on two days ago and I'm working on tweaking them into place) the prep for my deployment is going well. The less the wife has to do the better!!

Thanks again Ty!

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